My Blogging History- 700 Posts and 12 years Later

Blogs come and go. Those of us old enough to remember a time before Twitter and Facebook know that blogs were a place where thoughts, ideas and information was exchanged. The comments section became a time line of sorts and the discussion went on long past the blog posting.

In September 2008, I started The Turk and the Little Turk blog, a Horse Racing and Handicapping blog with a featured race within each post. Almost 700 posts later the blog is still alive and well. Twitter and other social media platforms have taken the traffic and the comments, but that’s OK, I was never there for the collection of a large audience or ad revenues, I simply like to share my thoughts and observations about horse racing.

It’s a very different blog, intended for a very different audience. If you are interested you can find the link here, The Turk and the Little Turk.

Today’s blog post featured Saturday’s Fourstardave, a Grade 1 event from Saratoga Springs run over the grass. I made the offer in today’s post, if you ever read this, and would like to know how to learn the basics of horse racing so you can explore the sport, just reach out.

Published by Anthony

My name is Anthony and I was born in Niagara Falls, NY in December 1966. Life is short: We live, we love, we die. Make the most of it. I came to this reality, you can say a sudden awakening (a zen concept called Satori!) or an ah-ha moment in 2019, upon the death of my dog and a reality check about my own mortality. I am exploring the last years of my life in a blog, where I pursue the Capstone projects of my life, the tasks and adventures that required a lifetime to prepare for.

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