Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me.

The Church: Heyday. Purchased April 1986. Thrown Away August 1986. Repurchased January 1988 he Albums that Shaped Me Microblog: The Church Heyday I spoke at length over the past month about 20 albums that truly inspired and shaped not only my musical outlook, but the mental attitude of who I am. I’m going to continueContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me.”

Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me: Albums 11-20

The Replacements: Tim. Purchased December 1984 Album 11. We forget that before the CD pushed “albums” to 72 minutes in length, single albums were typically 35-45 minutes in length. Many a great record, The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s for example, was a little over 39 minutes. Quality over quantity. The Replacement’s September 1985 LP, Tim, wasContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me: Albums 11-20”

Microblog: The Albums That Shaped Me Part 2. Albums 7-10

New Order: Low Life. Purchased September 1985 Album 7 of the Albums that Shaped Me review. I bought New Order’s Low Life in September 1985, just a few months after its release. I was drawn to the backstory of the band, the disaffected vocals, the pulsating bass and the analog synths. While many would pointContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums That Shaped Me Part 2. Albums 7-10”

Microblog: The Albums That Shaped Me Part 2. Albums 4-6

The Waterboys: The Fisherman Blues. Purchased June 1988 Day 4 of an 11 day (or longer) Albums that Shaped Me Challenge. Ireland’s The Waterboys entered my cassette deck in 1986, when 1985’s This is the Sea and 1983’s A Pagan Place went into high rotation while I lived in Orlando. In June of 1988, TheContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums That Shaped Me Part 2. Albums 4-6”

Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me

On Facebook, I started a challenge. I typically don’t participate in these sort of things, but I couldn’t resist discussing a favorite subject of mine, music, and the music that shaped my outlook. I’m going to migrate the work I’ve done Microblogging on Facebook to this, my personal (non Horse Racing/Handicapping Blog). It will allowContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me”

Taking Inventory (Part 1)

It’s important to know what you have before you go to the store. I think we have all been there, wandering the grocery store aisles wondering what else you might need. Taking inventory of your life and your motivations, desires, needs and dreams is just as important. I wandered for many years, especially my midContinue reading “Taking Inventory (Part 1)”