Taking Inventory (Part 1)

It’s important to know what you have before you go to the store. I think we have all been there, wandering the grocery store aisles wondering what else you might need. Taking inventory of your life and your motivations, desires, needs and dreams is just as important.

I wandered for many years, especially my mid 20’s, before I was a father, in the desert of the idle hands. Idle time was my bane. I had too much time. I squandered it. Then one day I became a father and I had no time. My free time became family time and my me time was spent sleeping. Aimless. Just as my son entered 1st grade I took on a new job, full of responsibility and travel. I now had no time for me, less for my family, and the personal side of my life was gone. Forget work-life balance, I was hoping not to stroke out before 50.

Satori. Capstone. Balance returned to me. My son, now in college, and I find time to enjoy each other’s company at the end of long days. I travel less, I let my staff help me more, and like a slider on an equalizer, I feel my life coming into harmonic balance.

I’m measuring my goals based around a one year period, Veterans Day to Veterans Day. I choose Veterans Day for several reasons: I’m a Vet primarily, but you can do a lot of damage to yourself between Thanksgiving and New Years and this is my way of starting resolutions before the damage. What kind of damage? To much indulgence: financial. To much eating: physical. Both will interfere with Capstone.

What is my Capstone? I wrote my first blog post here in July and the next post was today, late November. Where was I? Thinking, analyzing and taking inventory. I’ll summarize the results of that inventory in my next post, and the analytical method I used to assess myself.

How did I go from aimless wandering to detailed and driven? Perhaps it was the years I spent in purgatory, wishing I hadn’t squandered my early years and hoping that life, fate and circumstances would allow me another opportunity. Regardless, I’m on it now. 2,567 days until I’m 60. so much to do, each day is precious.

Thanks for reading

Father. Son. Grandson 2012

Published by Anthony

My name is Anthony and I was born in Niagara Falls, NY in December 1966. Life is short: We live, we love, we die. Make the most of it. I came to this reality, you can say a sudden awakening (a zen concept called Satori!) or an ah-ha moment in 2019, upon the death of my dog and a reality check about my own mortality. I am exploring the last years of my life in a blog, where I pursue the Capstone projects of my life, the tasks and adventures that required a lifetime to prepare for.

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