Capstone 01: The 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

I did not choose to make this Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 my first Capstone project easily. I studied many marquis and cars: Porsche 356 and 911, Mercedes W108-109 and W116, BMW 3 Series and 2000, Ford Mustangs and VW Squareback and Karmann Ghia. All had qualities interesting to me, all were eliminated for one reasonContinue reading “Capstone 01: The 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000”

Satori Mix Tape

My latest Satori Blog mix tape (and they will always be mix tapes and not playlists to me!) is released and can be found here. Music inspires and brings joy to me. I show my age but the music I gravitate to is the music and the bands of my youth. They were the onesContinue reading “Satori Mix Tape”

My Blogging History- 700 Posts and 12 years Later

Blogs come and go. Those of us old enough to remember a time before Twitter and Facebook know that blogs were a place where thoughts, ideas and information was exchanged. The comments section became a time line of sorts and the discussion went on long past the blog posting. In September 2008, I started TheContinue reading “My Blogging History- 700 Posts and 12 years Later”

YouTube Mix Tapes-2020

An essential part of my youth was music. It set my mood, gave me affiliation, opened my mind to the world and possibilities. The mix tape was an expression of my love of music that I shared with friends and acquaintances. Like an apostle traveling the Mediterranean in the time of Paul or a MormonContinue reading “YouTube Mix Tapes-2020”

The Albums that Shaped Me Microblog (Continued)

Tears for Fears: The Hurting- Purchased 1984 The Albums that Shaped Me Microblog continues with the debut album by Tears for Fears, The Hurting, released in March 1983. While Songs for the Big Chair, released two days before I joined the Navy, on 25 February 1985, may be the more commercially accessible album, The HurtingContinue reading “The Albums that Shaped Me Microblog (Continued)”

Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me.

The Cars: The Cars. Purchased July 1984. In this latest installment of the Albums that Shaped Me Microblog, the debut album by The Cars, released in 1978. The band began playing in Boston nightclubs in 1976 and was an iteration of bands started by principal song writer Ric Ocasek that included bassist and co-lead vocalistContinue reading “Microblog: The Albums that Shaped Me.”