Satori Mix Tape

My latest Satori Blog mix tape (and they will always be mix tapes and not playlists to me!) is released and can be found here. Music inspires and brings joy to me. I show my age but the music I gravitate to is the music and the bands of my youth. They were the ones who spoke to me when life was still unfolding, and they continue to whisper into my ear today. So you don’t have to guess, my music is mostly from the middle 1980’s, mostly what would have been called New Wave, and mostly was written and recorded by real musicians without autotune or protools. Organic. Authentic.

Of Note:

The Church lead things off with the haunting Numbers from their revival album, After Everything

I’m not a huge Bowie fan but Modern Love gets turned up when it comes on my radio

The Jam and Clash give us a taste of the end of 70’s London Punk Scene

New Order and the Pet Shop Boys give us shimmering synth sounds

Peter Murphy’s haunting Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite Poem is a reminder of how talented the former members of Bauhaus are/were

Stand or Fall and Bye Bye Love reminds us that not every song needs to have the depths of the ocean, some are just slabs of pop, and that’s not a bad thing

Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry can rip your heart from its chest with the depth of the emotion in his baritone. A nice compliment to slabs of pop.

The Beach Boy’s Til I Die is an example of Brian Wilson’s evolution over time, an evolution that cost him mental health along the way

The Waterboy’s title song to June 1984’s A Pagan Place LP gives a glimpse into the big music sound, music that inspired U2 who had the fame but admired Mike Scott nonetheless.

Echo and the Bunnymen with a deep cut, Clay, REM with the rockabilly sing along Don’t Go Back to Rockville, Depeche Mode industrial synth, U2, The Lightning Seeds, The Wild Swans, and Marty Willson-Piper round out the affair.

Published by Anthony

My name is Anthony and I was born in Niagara Falls, NY in December 1966. Life is short: We live, we love, we die. Make the most of it. I came to this reality, you can say a sudden awakening (a zen concept called Satori!) or an ah-ha moment in 2019, upon the death of my dog and a reality check about my own mortality. I am exploring the last years of my life in a blog, where I pursue the Capstone projects of my life, the tasks and adventures that required a lifetime to prepare for.

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